The Rosary: A Powerful Weapon Against Evil

On Oct. 7th, an unprecedented number of parishes in the United States (approx. 1400 sites) prayed the rosary simultaneously. A clarion call to arms was issued to all to pray for our nation by participating in a Rosary Coast to Coast:

We are at war.

A war without borders, where no man is exempt but where most haven’t recognized, let alone been trained, to fight. Casualties often go unseen, but very few are left unwounded. The Enemies encamped against us seek to rob us of our Dignity–the essential Dignity of the Human Person, being made in the Image and Likeness of God.

The fight has now come full force. What was once done in darkness is now celebrated in the light. Yet, where before we may have been blinded, God’s Unfathomable Mercy is opening the hearts, the minds and the eyes of people of Faith. Our Lady’s Clarion Call–the call once trumpeted at Quito, LaSalette, Fatima, Tre Fontane and Akita– is upon us.

We, in the United States share the conviction, now seen and acted upon in the International community, to enter fully into the spiritual warfare we are facing and to pray for our respective nations at this watershed moment in history. We hear the clarion call of the Holy Spirit, through the Immaculata, and each of us sound the reply: “I’m Going In!”

The Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary celebrates the victory of the Christian army over the Turkish army on October 7, 1571 The victory was attributed to the outpouring of people praying the rosary at the request of Pope Pius V. As in 1571, the rosary is a powerful weapon today. The united prayer of people from coast to coast demonstrates this power. But, what makes this prayer so powerful and effective?

A Spiritual Chain

In his book, Praying  the Rosary for Spiritual Warfare , Fr. Dwight Longenecker makes the following observation:

When we pray the rosary, we join our will with her will and with the will of millions of others who also pray the rosary. A  kind of spiritual chain is established, involving millions of Catholics all joined together in prayer, linking our wills with the will of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and all of us saying to God, “Thy Will be Done.”

Even the physical appearance of the rosary, a chain linking the beads together, unites us under her mantle, joining us to Mary’s will, and through the mysteries to the will of Her Son.  Mary, whose spouse is the Holy Spirit, does the will of God perfectly.   The Son too, only does the Father’s will.  What Satan would have one do and his empty promises are utterly rejected.

The Prayers

The Creed

We begin the rosary by taking the cross in our hand clinging to the instrument of our salvation. In the creed, we affirm our acceptance of all the truths of our Catholic faith. But, we not only accept these truths but we believe in their efficacious impact on our very lives.

I place my confidence in the God who created me and is my Father. He is capable of accomplishing all He intends. His Word creates all that exists and there is nothing that exists that He did not create. Through the Holy Spirit and Mary, my Mother, He took on my human flesh and yours without losing anything of His divine nature. He revealed to us His Father in His person though all that he said and did and showed me how to live in the Father’s will and how to love Him and each other. His Mother does the will of God perfectly because she is the spouse of the Holy Spirit. She is fully human but completely free of original sin. She leads us to Her Son. In the creed, I place my trust in the Son and His Mother and place myself in their hands.

These are words that Satan does not want to hear. There is no door by which he can enter when we begin our prayer in this manner.

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  1. Joyce says:

    Beautiful. You touch the heart and soul with the beauty and truth of God.